Saturday, July 18, 2009

Women of Wayamba

On Tuesday during our trip to Wayamba, there were enough translators that we were able to split up and go visit huts individually with our own translator. As we walked through the village, my translator and I came upon the mill where there was a group of women busily working. I visited with them for a few minutes and then asked if they had time to hear a story. One of them turned over a big pot for me to sit on and several of them stopped working and gathered around on the ground.

As I finished the panorama story one of them said, "We are going to become followers of Jesus when he comes back again." I told her that Jesus was coming again but that we needed to be ready when he returned. Several women shook their heads in understanding. I asked if they knew how to become Jesus followers and they said "no". I asked if they would like to know and they said they would.

I went through the plan of salvation and asked if they would like to become Jesus Followers to which they replied yes. I told them how to pray and asked if they would like me to lead them in praying.

There on the ground three women prayed out loud in their native language asking Jesus into their lives. It was an amazing divine appointment.

Please pray that these women will grow to really understand the prayer they said and that a church and leaders will rise up in this village to disciple them.

Written by Beverly