Friday, July 10, 2009

On Our Way Back!

Fiona posting here from the capitol, Accra. We are 1 flight down and 2 more to go! Excitement everywhere here about Obama's visit. Fortunately we reached our accommodation before the Ghanaian police closed the roads in anticipation of the president's landing. Thank you for your prayers for safe travel.
Our last day in Tamale yesterday was spent visiting the villages of Kushibo and Tarikpaa. We enjoyed an audience with the chief of each community and received our Dagbani names. A highlight was witnessing the operation of a new corn grinding mill in Tarikpaa which has literally saved lives. The women in the village had been crossing the river to use a mill in a neighboring village but often did not survive the journey, drowning in the water.
The day was rounded off with a Ghanaian meal of fufu and red-red at Pat and Peggy's. We will miss their hospitality so much next year when they will have returned to the US after serving as missionaries for 3 years in Ghana. Cheryl was disappointed that her friend the bat did not make an appearance though, after making itself at home in her purse the previous evening on the front porch....
Beverly is currently the record holder for "who has taken the most photos so far" meanwhile Colton has mastered the art of negotiating a bargain at the local markets.Who says guys can't shop?
On a more serious note, we have seen great need but also the mighty power of the Lord in the lives of His people here. We return to the US eager to be with reunited with our families but sad to leave behind new and old friends.


One More Writer said...

Praying for your safe return!

the Jones' in Dallas said...

We all feel great after 10hrs sleep and a leisurely morning at the guesthouse! From Fiona

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Mr. Lansah! Just heard you are back in Dallas. Praise the Lord for your safe return. All the children at Wayamba said to tell ya'll Hi.