Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sun 5th July

Village women and elders listening to a story during the 1st Sunday morning service

Chris Read in Wayamba

Beverly Elam at Wayamba "Children's Church"

Beverly Elam, John Haruna, Judith Ozment, Eunice Alidu and Fiona Jones singing with the children of Wyamba

Fiona Jones, Judith Ozment, Beverly Elam, Cheryl Read meeting the village children for the first time before The Hope video

Fiona here for the team. What a wonderful couple of days! "The Hope" video was shown to over 300 in Wyamba last night. The rain stopped, the technical equipment held out and there were no bugs! We actually worshipped God in the shadows of the village mosque. Moslems came out of the mosque where they were praying and assembled to watch the video! A God thing? We think so. Thank you so much for everyone praying for the Lord to draw people to Him in this village.

This morning a crowd of villagers were waiting for us as the first "church service" took shape. It was under the shade of a tree. More joined as the service continued amongst the background noise of goats, chickens and cell phones! Several Bible stories were told and the children had their own Sunday school in the village school building. Over 100 children listened attentively to to the story of "Creation through Christ". Beverly taught them how to say "Hey y'all" so now they can speak Texan!

We are returning to the village tomorrow to do evangelism from hut to hut. We are so excited.

Here are some snapshots of our experiences the last few days:


the Jones' in Dallas said...
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the Jones' in Dallas said...

How wonderful to hear news and see photos of God's work in action. We uphold you in prayer and count it as a privilege to give our relationship over to the Lord so that he can work with you and the rest of the team in this way.
Martin, Nathan and Olivia
(sorry - make mistake with first comment and deleted it!)

One More Writer said...

Praying seeds were planted in good soil--and they will ready for harvest very quickly!

The McIntires said...

I love seeing all of the pictures and hearing about you teaching all of the children about Jesus! We are praying for you Bev, Fiona, and team!

Zach Read said...

i see my shirt!
this is good stuff mom, im jealous right now, and i know yall are doin some great things. cant wait to hear all about it when yall get back. especially from colton and dad